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Hi-Tec Solar Pool Heaters & Solar Panels

Climatic Solar Exclusively Chooses Hi-Tec Solar Pool Systems & Solar Panels

Hi-Tec Solar Pool Heaters and solar panels offer superior performance, efficiency and durability compared to most major competitors, including Heliocol and FAFCO. Climatic Solar exclusively recommends Hi-Tec systems to customers that desire a long-lasting, high-performance system and the best value for your solar energy electric. Our Hi-Tec systems and solar panels provide the idea energy output for the South Florida weather and seasons, are highly-rated by independent organizations and are guaranteed to last longer and hold-up during server weather conditions.

See & Feel the Hi-Tec Difference Versus HeliOcol

Climatic Solar chooses Hi-Tec Solar Pool Heating Systems and Panels over major competitors, including Heliocol and Fafco. Hi-Tec is the perfect panel for South Florida, functioning the best during the cooler winter months and having the durability to withstand the torching sun, thunderstorms and even hurricanes. Climatic Solar stands behind all of its installations for two reasons: our expertise and our confidence in the quality of the product we install on your roof and in your home.

Hi-Tec Offers Superior Efficiency When It Matters

Hi-Tec solar systems are designed to be the most efficient and generate the optimal amount of energy during the cooler seasons when the sun spends less time in the air and when you really need your pool to be heated. During the hot summer season in South Florida, your pool remains naturally heated and comfortable, even without solar systems. During the winter, Hi-Tec systems are designed to retain higher amounts of energy and generate significantly higher BTUs. Choose Hi-Tec to heat your pool when you really need it to be heated.


Hi-Tec Panels are the Sturdiest and Most Secure and Allow Us to Offer an Extended Warranty

Hi-Tec panels and systems are designed and built to endure the Florida weather. Whether it be surviving a thunderstorm or hurricane force winds or not fading due to the hot sun, Hi-Tec is the secure and safe choice. Hi-Tec are the only panels that are deployed and drilled right into the trusses of your home for the strongest foundation. Additionally, Hi-Tec’s nearly invisible straps help to further secure the system to your roof during high winds and storms. Get in touch with us for a free estimate and hold a Hi-Tec panel in your hand. You will see and feel the difference compared to Heliocol. With such a high-quality system and design, it is easy for Climatic Solar to stand behind our work and Hi-Tec products and offer a warranty that goes further than anyone else.

Major Independent Organizations Give Hi-Tec a Big Thumbs Up for Longevity & Performance

The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and Ortec have independently evaluated and rated Hi-Tec solar panels and systems. Made from heavy duty material and proven to remain efficient for years as well as not fade in appearance, it was easy for these two leading organizations to give Hi-Tec system some of the highest ratings ever given to a solar system.


The Best Fit Means the Best Protection, Efficiency and Durability

Hi-Tec Solar Systems’ unique sure-fit design plus the experience and expertise of Climatic Solar engineers and installers means your system will perfectly fit to your home. With Hi-Tec’s innovative design, experience maximum efficiency with the sun being captured at all angles regardless of the time of day. Additionally, our close-knit design reduces energy efficiency reduction when there is winds as the tubes stay fully in place. Lastly, Hi-Tec systems prevent dirt, debris and moisture from getting underneath the panels. This helps prevent damage and deterioration to your roof that other systems are susceptible too. Choosing Hi-Tec not only means better efficiency and durability but also better protection for your roof.

Hi-Tec Offers the Biggest Rebates & Savings vs. Heliocol

Hi-Tec stands by its product so much, they offer the biggest manufacturer rebate compare to Heliocol and other systems. Get an instant $250 rebate on your system plus exclusive no money down and financing benefits as well as all available tax credits and incentives. No other manufacturer comes even close when it comes to savings and cash benefits. With a superior Hi-Tec system, you can be assured of the best value for your dollar and a product made to last and perform. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.




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