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Solar Hot Water

solar hot water harnesses THE POWER OF THE SUN

Yes… you already have hot water for your home BUT how much is it costing you!? If you have an electric water heater, it produces hot water by using an electrical element that consumes the same power as 45 100w light bulbs… YIKES! So what can you do to reduce this cost? Well, you can try to use less hot water! But there must be an easier, more efficient way to reduce or eliminate the cost of heating your hot water without jumping through hoops. Well there is a much more efficient, effective and sustainable way and that is to use the ultimate source of energy… Solar Hot Water Heating.

  • The MOST EFFICIENT water heating on Earth
  • Quick return on investment
  • Rebates and tax credits available
  • We are one of the leaders on the Treasure Coast

The Climatic Solar Difference

This is definitely not a new idea for it was used long before electric water heaters were introduced in the early 1950s. Today’s solar hot water heaters provide an appliance that is actually very cost effective when compared with any other appliance in your home while producing and storing hot water for both daytime and nighttime usage. Typically one or two glass covered Solar collectors are required. These can be installed on any type of roof to comply with current building codes and are aesthetically pleasing. So why not make a SUSTAINABILITY DECISION today and contact Climatic-Solar Corp for an informed and free in-house Solar evaluation.

Let’s increase the value of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, no longer worry about increases in utility rates and with our easy financing keep some cash in your wallet!

Tips to purchasing a Solar Water Heater

How does it work?

  • Understand how a solar water heater works. Solar water heaters are generally described according to the type of collector and the circulation system.

There are several types?

  • Yes, as stated above solar water heaters vary. Don’t just look at one model, look at all of them to determine which type of collector and circulation system will work best for your home.

How Big?

  • Not every family is the same. You should estimate the capacity you’ll need by checking out your current water heaters capacity or volume. This is normally located on your water heater in your home. Make sure to account for any future family members when estimating the capacity.


  • Ideally your solar water heater will be installed on your roof, however in some cases they can be installed in the ground. It is important to seek the option that is best for your home.

Is there maintenance?

  • Yes, just like most items in your home you should have periodic maintenance done on your solar water heater.

Save money!

  • You may be able to save money on purchasing a solar water heater through rebates. There are also tax breaks for those who purchase a solar water heater. Climatic Solar is here to answer all of your questions. We offer a free estimate so we can answer everything from which model to which capacity will be right for your home!



Every solar energy installation is tailored to your unique needs. Let us build the right system for you.


We have contracted with some of the best solar manufacturers in the world to bring you the latest solar technologies.


With master engineering degrees… we have the most qualified team on the Treasure Coast for your solar needs.


Service is the foundation of everything we do. Our fast response team will ensure your solar system is always running.


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